Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Please vote in round 2

Round 2 of the Next Top Spiritual Author competition is now open for voting!

I need your help again to vote for me in round 2 of the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. With 271 authors remaining in the competition, this should be the last time that I will be asking you to vote. From round 3 there will only be 25 authors and success will be determined by the judging panel.

Vote for me at http://www.nexttopauthor.com/profile.cfm?aid=254

For round 2 authors should submit a book proposal and a sample chapter. You can read my entry at the above link. To vote just login with your email address and password you set up last time.

Also, please pass this message onto your friends and family and ask them to support me as well. Round 2 is open to all for voting, including those who didn't vote in round 1. By you spreading the word and encouraging others to vote as well, I stand a much greater chance of progressing to round 3!

You can also spread the word with the Facebook page which already has 123 fans and is a great way for me to keep you updated.

Thank you very much for your support :-)

P.S. Please drop me an email or Facebook message if you vote so that I can keep track of my progress and best update you later.

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